The 2 person Home Delivery Experience

In today’s competitive world it is important to deliver the consumer an experience – not just a product!

We Are Recruiting

We are currently recruiting. We are looking for 2-person crews, 1-person, porters and warehouse staff. If you would like more information, or you are interested in joining our team, please email

NJT South East Ltd is a 2 person home delivery service that has been designed to support your brand, represent your company, deliver excellence on every occasion and provide  a convenient and affordable service across the UK. Our 2 person Home Delivery can deliver this experience by employing the very best personnel in home delivery and by their commitment to ongoing training in customer service, customer communication, product handling, delivery, installation and returns management processes. “It’s an experience that’s second to none – Just ask our customers!”

The Services

Nationwide 2 Person Home Delivery and Collection Service
97% population coverage 5 days per week
Pre-delivery survey
2 hour delivery timeslots
1 hour pre-delivery telephone call
Position in consumer’s home
Disconnection, assembly and installation
Removal of packing materials
Removal and recycling of end of life appliances

The Teams

Delivery Teams
Uniformed Teams – Trained in:

  • Customer Service
  • Customer Communication
  • Product handling
  • Product disconnection
  • Product assembly and installation –
  • Product demonstration

The Delivery Vehicles

Our versatile fleet are all Fitted with the latest equipment to ensure each delivery is undertaken successfully and professionally.

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